How does it work?

Mytaskboss is a Malaysian community marketplace to outsource tasks or complete freelance tasks to earn money. Our focus is on general tasks covering both personal and business needs.

Posters looking for freelance help post their task requests on the Mytaskboss platform while Taskers make offers to complete the tasks.



  • Visit
  • Sign up or log in with email address/username
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Posting a task is absolutely free and there are no obligations to hire.

  • Login. Click “Post a task” from the menu and fill in the details. Click “Get quotes”. Task will be immediately visible to users on our platform. (note: budget here is only an indicative level for taskers to estimate their offers)
  • Your posted tasks can be found in “My posted tasks” page from the menu, click on your task to view offers for your task, ask the Taskers a question and/or assign the task to your preferred Tasker.
  • Upon assigning the task, you will be asked to charge your credit card for the amount of the Agreed Price between you and the Tasker. Mytaskboss will hold this money as guarantee of payment until completion of the task.
  • Once the task is satisfactorily completed, you shall provide notice of task completion via the platform. Mytaskboss will release the amount of the Agreed Price to the Tasker (net after deducting Mytaskboss Service Fee) no later than 7 business days after the task is marked completed.
  • Alternatively, should there be unforeseen circumstances, you may cancel a task after assigning a Tasker. Mytaskboss shall refund the full amount paid by you no later than 7 business days after the task is marked cancelled.



Mytaskboss charges a Service Fee to the Tasker. The Service Fee can be found on the “Make Offer” page of the task. The Service Fee may change from time to time as we run promotions and task specific discounted fees.

  • Click “Browse tasks” from the menu.
  • Click on a particular task you are interested in to view more details about the task.
  • Ask the Poster a question about the task by clicking “Message Poster”.
  • If the task is still open to receive offers, a “Make Offer” button will appear for you to make your offer.
  • Make your offer by inputting the price you are happy to complete the task for and add some description to let the Poster know why you are the best Tasker for the job. (note: net earnings for the tasker is “Offer price” minus Mytaskboss Service Fee).
  • You can view all the tasks you have offered for in “My offers to complete tasks” page from the menu. You will be able to see which tasks are assigned to you here.



Assigned tasks can only be cancelled by Posters. Taskers who cannot complete a task due to unforeseen circumstances are advised to request Posters to cancel the task. Please note Mytaskboss reserves the right to suspend or remove Posters or Taskers who show a pattern of cancellations or no-show without good reason.

  • Private chat between Poster and Tasker will be enabled once a task has been assigned. The chat can be accessed via “My posted tasks” for the Poster and “My offers to complete tasks” for the Tasker.
  • Through the chat function, Posters can mark the task as Completed or Cancelled.
  • Once the task is done, Taskers are advised to remind Posters to mark the task Completed for payments to be released.
  • Payments will be paid to Tasker via DuitNow or local bank transfer within 7 business days of Completed task. (note to Taskers: please ensure your details are updated under “My Profile” section).
  • If there are no disputes, cancelled tasks will be refunded to the Posters within 7 business days of Cancelled task.