Privacy Policy

This Privacy Policy sets out how Mytaskboss collects and uses your personal data. It also sets out the measures that we put in place with regards to your personal data protection.

The Personal Data that Mytaskboss retains are sourced from information provided by you in past dealings with Mytaskboss and/or may be provided by you in the future through your use of products and/or services provided by Mytaskboss.

Where you provide Mytaskboss with Personal Data relating to third parties, you confirm that you are authorized to or have obtained the prior consent of such third parties before providing Mytaskboss with the same.

Mytaskboss collects, processes and retains Personal Data for its legitimate functions, including but not limited to: effecting matching of posts between users; managing and administering your account; advertising products and services provided by Mytaskboss; conducting customer satisfaction surveys; and/or for such other purposes to promote the effective usage of Mytaskboss and/or as may be required by law.

From time to time, Mytaskboss will also contact you to provide you with the latest information and updates to our platform and/or our offers, news, marketing materials, products and services.

Other than in the instances stated herein and/or for any other legitimate purposes, Mytaskboss will not share, sell, rent, trade and/or disclose your Personal Data to any unauthorised third party in contravention of applicable laws unless your consent has been obtained.

Personal data in this instance include but are not limited to: a) names, email addresses, phone numbers and other individually identifiable information.

Note: Any bank or debit/credit card details provided by the user for the purpose of payment will be sent directly to our payment gateway provider – Stripe (

Tracking software is used by Mytaskboss to determine user behaviours on our platform, including but not limited to page visits, time spent on pages, user journeys and general demographic statistics. We do not use this software to collect individual personal data or individual IP addresses. The data are used solely in anonymous and summarized form for statistical purposes and for improving our users’ experience.

The Personal Data Protection Act 2010 grants you certain rights to seek access to and/or to correct Personal Data retained by Mytaskboss. These rights may be exercised at any time pursuant to the Personal Data Protection Act 2010. Should you have any questions regarding your Personal Data, please contact Mytaskboss at

Should there be any changes in your Personal Data, it shall be your responsibility to advise and update Mytaskboss in writing to

This Privacy Policy is periodically reviewed and enhanced as necessary as Mytaskboss updates and expands its services. Users are advised to review this policy periodically.

By using Mytaskboss platform, you hereby represent and warrant that you have read, understood and agreed to this Privacy Policy.